12. MAY

Finally I had a dry day and managed to go to the allotment to cut the grass on the path. It needed it very badly but the weather was against me.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-12 at 11.00.12


I kept the comfrey plant as it is nearly ready to flower, the bees like it and I always cut it after they had a good go at it. It doesn’t get wasted, I will put it in my comfrey barrel of water and have some more fertiliser. Everything is used on our plot.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-12 at 11.00.13

The path looks better but if the weather continues like this I’ll be cutting it soon enough again.

My friend Dave found a large number of tomato seedlings in his greenhouse, his cherry tomatoes from last year did well! He potted a lot of them and told me to help myself to some. I did that and planted them in the glazed part of the latest greenhouse. I’ve got them in pots on the bench and also in the ground. The front part which is covered by a green netting and is partially glazed will have chard and radishes there.

The radishes amaze me, I picked another bunch of them. I have a couple of rows coming up in the greenhouse at home so if I sow another few rows over the weekend we can have a continuous supply.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-12 at 11.00.19 (2)

All the climbing beans that I planted out a few days ago are doing fine and I think I might start hardening off some squashes and pumpkins. 

5. MAY

The sowing and planting continued today, it was another warm spring day. I  knew there was a chance of a shower so decided to cut the grass on the paths another day. The morning was dedicated to finishing the digging on the part with my little orchard and getting it ready for the afternoon. After lunch I planted the rest of the rooted onion sets, that nearly filled the large onion bed. The one and a half lines that were left were used to sow some carrots and parsnips. WhatsApp Image 2023-05-05 at 19.44.08

After lunch I prepared a little contraption for protecting the emerging seedlings of Mangel. I know from past years that the birds like nothing better than to nibble the tender shoots of things like chard and this Mangel – it has got leaves like chard and I use it as such.WhatsApp Image 2023-05-05 at 19.44.07

Originally it was meant as animal food but things have changed and we can enjoy this tasty root and leaves. As I mentioned, I use the leaves as chard, they are large and regrow very well. The roots are great in curries or added to stews or even used instead of potatoes.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-05 at 19.44.09

I have got two rows here and as soon as the little leaves appear I will throw a net over these hoops to cover the seedlings because I know from the past that the birds would strip them bare.

In between the showers I also sowed a few lines of parsnips and beetroot but then the rain got a bit too heavy even for me. 

This part of the plot is almost finished, hopefully I will be able to continue tomorrow.


It has been very dry and quite cold during April, I have been mainly working in the greenhouses and weeding. The lack of rain certainly didn’t stop the weeds growing. The same goes for the grass on the paths. One of my paths is covered with woodchip but the other two have got grass. That has grown suddenly and I decided to tackle it. I borrowed a strimmer and got down to it.


I was used to do it with my shears in the past but they are quite blunt so it had to be the strimmer. I’m pleased with the result.


Of course my friendly robin was very close to me, not sure though if he managed to get any worms.


The sun came out in the afternoon and as it will be the last day of April tomorrow I’m hopeful that the weather will improve. I will be planting some more cabbages and kale plants. They have been standing in the open veranda so they are quite used to the weather by now.


This is the best part of autumn gardening – recycling as much as possible. I had a lot of leaves on my path from the Asian pear. I waited till all of them were on the ground and then I was going to put them into the wire enclosure I made last year. The old leaves there have almost disappeared. This didn’t take very long so I continued with the second part of my plan.


On my way from home to the allotment I walk through an alleyway beside the local primary school. It is always covered with a mix of different leaves. Each year I think that it would be a great addition to my leafmould pile but never do anything about it. Until this year. It took most of the morning and about six trips with a large sack full of leaves but I think it is well worth it.

I have got a lovely pile of leaves to compost and in a couple of years  I will have something to add to my raised beds in the greenhouses.



Quite a lot of houses in the neighbourhood are in process of being either renovated or, more the pity, turned into houses of multiple occupancy, eg. student accommodation. That means the workmen are removing a lot of fitted cupboards and such like and this is where I come in. My motto – if you don’t ask you don’t get – works every time. Rather than putting the planks etc in the skip, the builders usually keep it to one side for me and I take it to the allotment.

All this will be used in renovating the paths – not all of them, some are fine with grass surface but some are too narrow or uneven to maintain well. Having the wood chip on will keep them tidy and mud free.


Waste not, want not!


We managed to win third place in the Coventry Allotment competition, our site looked fine but we are determined to do better this year. We shall hold a trophy for a year and also get some money for our troubles.

I contacted the tree surgeon again and he gave us a truckload of wood chip with the promise that as soon as he’ll have more we shall get it. Amazing how much was needed just to fill these paths – all the wood chip has gone there. We shall store the next lot and use it as and when and where we need it.

Happy days!


This time I’m working on renovating a path between one of my plots and my neighbour’s plot. Dave hammered in some sturdy supports along the whole length of the path on his side – because our site is sloping down, there is a deep step between my plot and his. This path was always a bit problematic but I think we’ve sorted it out now. Dave has got some soil from his back garden at the back of his property so we’ve been taking it in wheelbarrows to the allotment. Fortunately he lives very near but all the same, it is quite tiring.

This will make our lives much easier from now.


I have finished repairing the main paths on the allotment site, I’m happy.

It was in doubt for a while as I didn’t have enough wood for the edges and also we ran out of wood chip. All is well now – yesterday was the hard work – finding wood and fixing it in place

Today was the day to finish the job but the weather wasn’t kind to me. Never mind, it was only water – and the last path is done! I wanted to get it to this state because everybody can see through our gate and the first impression is important. Now our site is an example (I think ) of a working and well maintained site. Long may it continue!


Thanks to my friend I have got more wood – a dismembered large pallet so I was able to continue with my path renewal.


However I shall have to stop for a while, I don’t have any more wood chip. Never mind, I could just prepare the sides and fill the path as and when I get some more.

At the same time I sorted out the raspberry patch and as I was finishing it started to rain. Perfect planning.