We have three bird nesting boxes on one of our trees in the back garden. Two of them are quite old but the best one is a new one, it was a Christmas present a couple of years ago. We had blue tits nesting there last year – it must have been a very comfortable experience for them as I have a bundle of wool insulation from a food pack hanging underneath it.

I was looking out for them again this year but nothing was happening. One day, however, I noticed what looked like big flies crawling around the opening. To my surprise, after a few days, it developed into a large crowd of  bee-like creatures.


There are quite a few of them there, the whole box must be packed with them. It is fascinating to watch them. I got more information about them, the tree bumblebees are very interesting.


…for my feathered friends.

I am very happy as one of my Christmas presents was a bird nesting box. I knew exactly where I wanted to put it and it worked. The tree was covered by my evergreen clematis but once I cleared that I found just the right place for the new box. And even better – it will have neighbours, the old box is still there, I just didn’t see it. RSPB says that there can be a few boxes together….if they say that, who am I to argue with.


All I need now is a little holder for some sheep wool so that the birds can line their new house with something soft and warm. I know just the thing – it looks like an apple with a  lots of holes, it can be stuffed with the wool and as it hangs from the branch nearby the birds can help themselves…