Another year, another batch of marmalade. I was going to make some traditional Seville orange marmalade but the oranges in the shop were so small and tired-looking that I opted for red grapefruit again. It is tried and tested and as I made a double amount I have got 14 jars. Perfect set, delicious flavour.



There are jobs that have to be done in between my other activities on the allotment. Marmalade making is one of them.

I have tried many recipes, from the traditional to the more obscure but Nigel Slater‘s one is by far the best. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind that I changed it a bit – instead of the specified pink grapefruit I use red grapefruit. The result is quite delicious. Because it is so good and because I don’t find the red grapefruit every time I would want, I tend to make a double amount. Quite a task but well worth the effort!



…red grapefruit marmalade was needed so I just had to make more. It is a lengthy process but well worth the trouble. I’m using Nigel Slater‘s recipe for pink grapefruit marmalade but substitute red ones for the pink, that’s all. The result is very tasty!


And because it is so popular I usually make a double amount – we can’t run out, can we?