It is the time of year again when I think where to put what type of fertiliser or compost. I decided to get some more mushroom compost from my favourite place – Livesey Brothers. It was an enjoyable visit; it is not too far, an easy drive and not only did I get 6 large sacks of mushroom compost but also some tasty mushroom. I can already taste the risotto I’ll make in the next few days…..

The compost is earmarked for the net cages where I will grow brassicas next year and also for my fruit cage, I shall fees all my soft fruit bushes – but not blueberries, that’s the wrong stuff for them.


A nice and early start today – another journey to the mushroom farm. By now I knew the way and it was more enjoyable because I had company in the car – my friend Anita. I had the print-out of the instructions how to get to Livesey Bros mushroom farm, just in case. I found the farm without any problems and after parking there we got down to business.

This time I bought 12 sacks – one to keep in my greenhouse, one for Paul, Anita’s boyfriend, and the rest for the allotment.

Needless to say, all ten sacks are already distributed on the allotment, I’m sure everything will grow wonderfully.


It was better to get there later in the week, we had a bigger choice of mushrooms to buy. I knew I wanted some as I was planning to make a Mushroom pearl barley risotto. This is a fantastic recipe created by Jack Monroe.