A little while ago I have received an unexpected present from my daughter-in-law Kim, it was a cheese making kit. I have heard of them but never had an opportunity to try it. Here was my chance.


After reading it all very carefully I decided to make ricotta. I made sure I had all the ingredients ready and started.


The recipe calls for 8 pints of milk – I didn’t want to use that much so I halved the amounts. All was fine but in the end it didn’t make very much curds and the whey didn’t look like whey should but like milk. I decided to rescue the situation by repeating the whole process and used the full amount of citric acid. It worked, it all looked as it should and the result is a full bowl of delicious ricotta.


It will keep in the fridge for a number of days and I will make ricotta gnocci, as I have managed to get some Italian 00 flour.