I am amazed at the size of the mistletoe that grows in my little apple tree. Another thing we are self-sufficient in. I noticed it about three years ago as a small bud – my first thought was it is a  new little branch.  I’m not at all surprised that I have it there, in the nearby cemetery and fields the trees have huge  bunches of it.

This year is the first time I have cut a few branches of it. The tree isn’t anything special, it was a poorly specimen that I moved from  my other plot so I don’t mind it is playing a host to this parasite.



Yesterday’s extreme gardening tired me enough not to go and continue today. I thought I’d give my body a little rest but I was busy anyway. It was in the kitchen instead. I decided to  make some biscuits, this time some oaty ones. They are very easy to make and the recipe makes a nice amount.

Hopefully the weather will keep fine tomorrow so I might go and do another bit of weeding. Or I’ll just go there and cut some mistletoe, it has grown very well on one little apple tree.


We have had some more rain so any more work on the soil is out of the question. Instead of that I was busy finishing jobs that were left, parts of my land were even neglected. One of these was a raspberry patch. It is away from my other plots, it is on a plot I was used to work on, I just have this raspberry area, a plum tree and a line of rhubarb. The neglect must have suited it, because just after clearing the weeds I discovered some super rhubarb, ready for picking and the five lines of raspberries. They were carefully planted in double rows, separated by little paths that were covered by a membrane (strips of unwanted pond liner).

It didn’t take very long and I had the plants trimmed, the dead wood cut out, paths cleared and some horse muck and contents of my composter bins spread all round the raspberry plants.

As I was working I had a very nice surprise – he/she must have been feeling quite cosy but then I came….


I’m sure he’ll find another place to live.

After finishing for today I did my usual rounds, checking the trees and bushes. One of the old black currant bushes needed to have the big buds removed and that was when I noticed something on the old apple tree nearby.


In the past I have been trying to rub the mistletoe berries into the bark but no luck.

Thank you birds!