I think I’ve finally got it right when it comes to growing leeks. In the past I usually put the seeds in a seed tray, they grew but were rather spindly and when I wanted to plant them out, all their roots got tangled and the result was disappointing.

Not so this year. I’ve got a small raised bed next to the greenhouse in my back garden so I decided to raise the leeks there. The seeds went in, I erected a small protective “fence” out of thick because the birds would have loved to sample the seedlings and then forgot about them.

Today I pulled them out and was delighted – lovely strong plants and enough to fill an empty space on the allotment.

001This work done I had a bit of time to inspect my squashes. They too are doing fine, it certainly helps that I have been watering them with either comfrey tea or diluted liquid from my wormery.


As much as I can I compost everything to give me eventually some rich compost; for that purpose I have two large black composter bins on the allotment. Apart from cooked food or meat I put everything there; not weeds though, they go on a separate pile and there they can rot. I add shredded paper and torn egg boxes to the bins as well.

It follows then that I don’t like to use chemicals as fertilisers. I have a large barrel of comfrey tea ready, use it diluted when I’m watering and my latest innovation is the liquid from my wormery.


The wormery is in my back garden and I put in any kitchen waste, the worms seem to get on with anything and everything and the end result is bottles of dark liquid and I use it the same way as I would the comfrey tea – diluted in my watering can.

worm tea