My plan seems to be working. I only went to the allotment today to empty my kitchen scraps bucket, that’s what I thought. The  morning was really lovely and I just had to do some clearing. 


This is the first piece of land on my ‘farm’ and it didn’t give a very good impression. It didn’t take long and another job was done. An extra benefit of that is that during this work I can plan what I will grow there. The best thing will be sunflowers and it’ll help the bees, it’ll help me as they will then visit my blackberries and loganberries.


Autumn is here and with it certain tasks that I enjoy. Yesterday I started with the line of loganberries and blackberries. They produced bowls of delicious fruit but now they just looked untidy. It didn’t take long and as I finished that I dug over the whole area; it is all ready now for next spring. I had potatoes here, not sure yet what I will plant or sow next year.


Today’s job was the sorting out raspberries. Slightly more difficult – the bindweed was everywhere. I wanted to start cutting them down some time ago but they were still producing fruit. But I didn’t find any raspberries today so I started. After working on it the whole day I managed to clear about a third.

To be continued tomorrow, if the weather is kind to me.


Some years ago I planted a small sage plant on the allotment – it was a rooted branch on my plant in the back garden. I think it liked it on the farm because when I dug it out it did exactly the same again but even more – I managed to split it into a number of smaller plants, all of them with a good root ball. They are now at the side of one of my net cages.


It was still too wet for digging so the next job had to be moving one of my thornless blackberries and a loganberry to their new home.


This is the perfect time for this kind of activity.

I have got a line of blackberry and loganberry in the middle of my original allotment – it divides it in two. The plants were quite small when first planted but now they’re quite vigorous and unmanageable. As I have a square of land with some fruit trees and bushes I thought a line of posts with supporting wires would be just right to finish this fruit set up.

Fortunately Simon was on the allotment and offered to help. I knew there were some metal posts in our lovely clean communal shed. We got them out but found that they were too long. Again Simon came to my rescue – managed to cut all three to the same size. All I had to do was to dig three deep holes and hammer the posts in. We even found a large reel of some plastic coated wire during the shed clear out so I could fix five lines of support.

All I have to do now is to prune the plants and dig the loganberry out and plant it in the new place. I’m sure it will grow better – it is in full sun and will have space to run.