My efforts were perfectly timed, the front garden is all but sorted out. There are some little patches that I will return to but all in all I’m happy with the result.

The easiest bit was the tidying up of the paving slabs and re-laying of bricks, just a bit of hard graft. Once this was done I started tackling the weeds. It is amazing how quickly they spread – as if they knew that I took my eye off them. Anyway, I have timed it just so – our garden waste wheelie bins are going to be collected this Friday and I have managed to fill three of them. I’m lucky my friend next door has two so I use those when I need to.

Most of the established plants are doing well, especially the conifer – I brought it here when we first moved in in 1973, it was a tiny seedling from my mother-in-law’s garden. Looking good I’m pleased to say.


All it needs is from time to time to cut the very top and perhaps trim some of the branches.

The other side of the garden has my favourite tree – the loquat. This is one of a number I managed to grow from seeds. Years ago we went on holidays to Istanbul and had the loquat fruit for desert. It looked and tasted like a very nice crisp apple. The seeds germinated very well and I have another one in the back garden. I have no chance of any fruit on it though, it flowers towards the end of the year and the fruit appears in February. It is a very handsome tree all the same.


I am using it as a climbing frame for my clematis montana.

There is a bit of colour in the garden, even on a dreary day like today. The hydrangea looks good and the cyclamen in my pot is just coming into flower. A bit of encouragement to continue.


Another occasion for therapy today. As the situation continues and we are in Tier 3, there is not much chance for us going anywhere for Christmas. Never mind the food, decorations and all that – it is the human contact I miss. A big hug is worth a huge lot. We shall have to wait a bit longer.

In the meantime I get rid of my frustration in the garden. Not just little hoeing but a full on revamping action. My friend had some work done in her loft and had quite a few bricks going begging. She knows me very well -she  left them outside our gate and just in a few days they have been utilised.

It was the turn of my front garden, more exactly, the space under our bay window. I had a wooden tub there, a half barrel really, planted up with a variety of bulbs. I changed it from time to time but now was the time to sort it out. It was in a state of collapse. One thing led to another and a few days later the whole area is cleaned and tidy, bricks used to enlarge the path and the collapsed tub will be burned as soon as the bits of wood dry out.


This is just the start of work in this half of the garden, I will continue on another day.

I had to sort out the other side of the path and in this way used the rest of the bricks, cleared some invasive plants and weeds so this side of the garden is done.