It all seems to go well, hope I don’t speak too soon. I was able to work on the allotment quite a lot these last few days and it looks rather good. I still think that the weeds have got it in for me – as soon as I have finished one patch I have to go and start again.


Started earthing up the potatoes, they are looking good –  if all fails we shall have spuds. I am glad I moved my strawberries into my huge raised beds. They are protected and all are flowering well, just hope we don’t get any late frost.


It is not only fruit and veg but also some flowers. I am trying to have as many as I can to encourage the bees and I think it works.


…on the farm!

Last year was the first time I grew yacon and it was very successful. The tubers were big and very tasty and each plant also had the small growing buds. These I planted in pots and kept them dry in the greenhouse over the winter. I was hoping at least one would survive – they all did!

As our allotments are hidden between houses we’re rather sheltered there and I decided to plant the yacon, as they all sprouted and were growing quite well.

The plants grew very well last year and I hope they’ll do the same this year. I kept one and planted that in a large pot in the back garde with the hope that it might flower – it could. We’ll see.

Next job was to sow some florence fennel. I always maintained that I didn’t like it – I was quite wrong. I only had about four plants last year and found them very good, there are quite a few recipes and I like them all. Therefore I’ve got two rows of fennel and hope they will all germinate.


There aren’t just vegetables on my plot – I’m trying to look after the bees too and I know that they like the flowers of honesty.