My Christmas cacti hardly ever disappoint me and this year is no exception. Both of them are sitting on the window ledge in the porch, I water them when I remember yet they flower beautifully.

A splash of colour on this cold morning; it gives me hope that spring will come, the days are getting longer every day, my seed order has arrived so I just have to be patient.


These cacti are quite old now but they never fail, within a day or two they always flower around this time. I have read somewhere a long time ago that it is best not to move them so they have been sitting in the porch all this time. It seems to work.



I thought it was just about time to make some more strawberry jam – yes, in the middle of December. As we have had such hot summer I decided to freeze quite a lot of my fruit harvest – strawberries, raspberries and all different types of currants. I did make some jam using the freshly picked fruit but the rest was carefully weighed, labeled and frozen. Yesterday’s job was very easy, just selected enough frozen strawberries (2 kilo), got the sugar ready, lemon juice and a bottle of Certo and after defrosting the fruit and a short cooking time…


It is not just edibles that are making me happy. My two Christmas cacti are looking their very best this year!