I started the new year as I mean to continue – on the allotment. We managed to take one more load of slab pieces to the allotment and that was enough to make a path in the middle of my large cabbage net cage.

The afternoon was devoted to sowing some seeds in trays. Leeks, onions Ails Craig and white onions, the seeds I bought when I was in Malta. I saw them there in the shops and was very happy when I found the seeds.

I use seed trays that I bought a number of years ago from Harrod Horticultural company. It was money well spent, I’m still using them and with care they’ll last many more years.


They have one big advantage – even if I would miss out a few days, the seedling will be fine as the whole thing sits on top of matting and takes up water via the felt matting suspended in the bottom tray with water. I just have to make sure the tray is regularly topped up.


A few years ago I found some excellent propagators, only by chance, and never really looked back.

They’re ideal for starting a controlled number of seedlings – that was very important for me because I would grow so many that a huge plot of land wouldn’t be enough!

Another great feature is that it takes away the worry, in case I go away for a day or two, that the seedlings might dry out. They don’t! They’re actually designed for people who might have to be away for a while and the tray keeps the seedling watered.

They’re very easy to put together and with careful handling last for years – I’ve had mine for about three years already.

I always wash them when finished with the seedlings, store them and start again next spring.