The situation is not going to get much better any time soon so I might just as well pamper myself with some nice things for the allotment. I have been thinking of a propagator for quite a while but always found an excuse not to get one.

I don’t think we shall be getting our COVID 19 vaccination very soon – we’re over 70 but quite well so we’ll have to wait. At least I will have a new toy to play with.

After talking to some people and some online search I decided to get as good one as I could afford and also where I could fit it.

This is the best, and it came today. It didn’t take very long to put it together and sow the seeds in. It is in the spare bedroom and I shall watch with interest.



After a long deliberation I decided that I would like to get a large polytunnel for the allotment. Found the website, the tunnel looked just perfect – 12ft wide and 20ft long. It would have covered nearly a half of one plot. The idea was I’d ask for it for my big birthday next year – or rather I wouldn’t want any Christmas or birthday presents, just a bit towards it. It was a bit pricey, I must admit. All that would have started next spring and I would have asked/begged a number of people to help to build it.

Obviously it wasn’t the right thing for meĀ  – I still had my doubts, mainly because of the price. All has been sorted out for me.

Reg had a nice little greenhouse on the half of a plot next to mine. Sadly he is no longer with us and his widow didn’t want to keep it – it was clearly meant to be mine. I bought it from her and after clearing it out and adding some manure to the soil we’re up and running.

I’ve got a few tomato plants, some sweet peppers and a cucumber – that should be climbing up along the wire I have arranged for it.

Outside I have two water butts, both have got a working tap and are elevated on support and have a pipe leading from the gutter to fill it.

There was a propagator inside as well so after clearing the ground on the side of the greenhouse I moved it there – a perfect fit.

I think I will line it with bubble wrap for the winter so we can have lettuce and tomatoes and cucumbers till later in the autumn.