I am sure the first of many. If the weather forecast is to be believed we shall have a sunny Bank holiday weekend – whatever next!!

I made most of the lovely day, took some lunch with me to the allotment in order not to waste any time and worked almost till 4pm.

One of the jobs I have is to cut the grass on the paths – I am getting there. It is rather handy as I use the grass to mulch my raspberries. It not only looks good but it is much easier to walk. Unfortunately I have to do it with my shears – somewhat backbreaking but needs must.


Next came some planting. I have got a fig tree on the allotment already but as they grow quite well from cuttings I shall have a few there. Today was the day to plant another little one and hopefully in the autumn or next spring I shall have a few more.

I’m lucky to have my little greenhouse on the farm and today I started planting my tomato plants there. Some years ago I got some grow rings that were meant for grow bags but I use them in the open soil in the greenhouse and they are just perfect!

Last two years I grew some huge squashes, they managed to climb up on my structures I constructed for them but as one of the large ones – zucca da marmelata – weighed 7 kilo, the whole structure collapsed. The zucca was unharmed but I had to think of something else. I just happen to have a very nice neighbour who is changing some decking in his garden so I have used the horizontal pieces from the banister and the result is just what I wanted.

I will plant one zucca in each corner and they can climb as much as they want, this structure will support them.

And the last job was to plant some cabbages in one of my net tunnels – pigeon protection! I had them outside for quite a while so they are used to the temperature.



I knew all the lovely topsoil I managed to get from my two ‘forgotten’ composter bins would come handy. It was a bit too wet today to continue with digging so I had to concentrate on maintenance.

First was one path, rather the grass on it, that had to be cut. As it was so high it had to be done with the shears. Ideal job for a chilly morning. There was so much grass it almost filled one composter bin.

Talking of bins – some weeks ago I emptied a couple of them and bagged the contents – beautiful topsoil to be used to top up the raised beds in my lovely greenhouse.

I was late in the season getting the greenhouse but it is all going to be ready for an early start next spring. I know it is wishing my life away but I can’t wait. All my tomato, cucumber and pepper seeds are sorted out and I’m ready……………



My Mum lives in a small bungalow, about a mile away from us. Her front garden is an open space, just lawn and as it is a council property they do the maintenance (and the moles wreck it before they get there!)

The back garden is very simple and straight forward – a path in the middle and lawn on both sides. The path goes about 3/4 of the length of the garden then it is just lawn.

When Mum moved in we sorted out some borders on both sides and cleared the brambles at the end. I planted some cuttings of Hebe bushes and they took amazingly well (of course, my cuttings seem to take, whatever I do to them, I can create a jungle in a year!)

All it takes now is to trim all the greenery in the borders and mow the lawn. Easier said than done, I had to wait from March till today. Whenever we decided to do it, it rained the day before and with an electric mower – better safe than sorry.

I wanted to remind myself of the difference so the first two photos are the ‘before’ and the other is the ‘after’.

Another bonus for me is that I bag the cut grass and take it to the allotment so everyone is a winner!