Simon Garfield

ON THE MAP, Profile Books

On The Map

It is very good sometimes to be taken out of our comfort zone and to be “forced” to read other kinds of books. In my case it is reading non-fiction. I would normally avoid it at all costs, but this book is something else!

Somehow, Simon Garfield manages to infect the reader with his love of maps of all kinds, and this enthusiasm just carried me along. Make no mistake: a map is not just the usual geography prop we all remember from school – it is also a gripping street plan, with a story of cholera in London, the system of canals on Mars and also of the different areas of our brain.

I had the privilege to meet Simon Garfield at one of my book club’s meetings in London, and it was like the icing on the cake! I have a complete picture of the book and its author.

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