Fiona McFarlane


the night guest

Ruth, a widow, lives alone with her two cats in an isolated hose in the sand dunes on the New South Wales coast. Her two sons live away, Jeffrey in New Zealand and Philip in Hong Kong. Ruth thinks she can hear a tiger prowling downstairs and phones Jeffrey in the middle of the night – this starts the ball rolling but we don’t find out until the end of the book.

This is one of the books I was afraid to continue yet I couldn’t put it down; its descriptions were such that I felt the salty wind from the sea and heard the cats meowing. I could see Frida, the unexpected and uninvited helper who had made herself quite indispensable, bustling in the kitchen, polishing, cooking and felt like shouting out to Ruth “don’t trust her, she’s no good!”

All in all, it took two days (and nights) to read this amazing book.

More please!

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