17. MAY

Today was mainly a maintenance day – covering of strawberry beds, shading greenhouses and just a little bit of planting. I have filled all my greenhouses on the allotment with tomatoes. The plan is that I’ll have most of the tomatoes there and keep the more delicate plants  – aubergines and different peppers in the greenhouse in the back garden. I’m sure I’ll have more tomatoes to plant out but these can go in the large net cage where I have peas and brassiacas. I did this in the past and the tomatoes were fine, I’ll just wait till June to plant them out.

I had to cover the strawberry beds because some of the fruit is turning pink and the birds would be very interested. I’m not sharing my strawberries with them.

The greenhouses need a bit of shading every summer because our site gets full sun most of the day and the plants would suffer. I have got a range of different green nets so it is just a question of fixing it to the structure. I have found small spring clips in a  hardware shop that do the job just perfectly. And if not those then clothes pegs are equally good.

Because some more runner beans are germinating I had to build a few new wigwams for them, I had just the two best spots.

Last but not least was putting up some traps for codling moth, both on apple and plum trees.

There is not an inch of space wasted, I have some potatoes in grow bags in the gap between two greenhouses.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-17 at 19.07.42 (1)

Everything else is doing fine, now it is just a question of being patient and watering, weeding and hoping….

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