7. MAY

If I didn’t know the date I would have thought today was a lovely summer day. Blue sky first thing in the morning so I didn’t take too much time, straight after breakfast I was off to the allotment. I decided yesterday that it is just about time to plant my climbing peas and carlin peas out into the large net cage on the allotment. It was a bit of a struggle to carry it all there but it worked out just fine – two large bags, all the little pots fitted in.

I have been saving egg shells for a number of months now, washed, dried and crushed and they filled a fairly large box. My idea was to try them around some of the peas and use slug pellets around the others. The pellets are for organic gardening but as it is inside the cage I would dispose of any dead slugs so no animals can get them, just to be on the safe side.

The ground was ready, the wigwams as well, all I had to do was to plant the peas, tie them to the sticks and scatter the eggshells and pellets. The net gives a little protection against the wind, they should do just fine.

The next task was to finish digging the last piece of ground, I didn’t do anything there as it was quite close to the new greenhouse so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to get walked on. It certainly wasn’t an easy job but I persevered and now it looks great. The soil is fine and I think I’ll put my sweetcorn there later on.

From looking like this…

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-07 at 14.10.26 (2)

..to this

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-07 at 14.10.29

…and finish like this, that’s not at all bad.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-07 at 14.10.25

I just had enough time to pick another bunch of radishes to have with our lunch and it was time to go home.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-07 at 14.10.14

The day was so nice it would’ve been a pity not to carry on working in the afternoon. I took all my brassica plant out of the greenhouse in the garden and placed them in the veranda, they are still a bit sheltered but will harden off and I’ll plant them in the new net tunnels after a few days. What doesn’t fit there will go in the large net cage, there’s enough space there.

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