5. MAY

The sowing and planting continued today, it was another warm spring day. I  knew there was a chance of a shower so decided to cut the grass on the paths another day. The morning was dedicated to finishing the digging on the part with my little orchard and getting it ready for the afternoon. After lunch I planted the rest of the rooted onion sets, that nearly filled the large onion bed. The one and a half lines that were left were used to sow some carrots and parsnips. WhatsApp Image 2023-05-05 at 19.44.08

After lunch I prepared a little contraption for protecting the emerging seedlings of Mangel. I know from past years that the birds like nothing better than to nibble the tender shoots of things like chard and this Mangel – it has got leaves like chard and I use it as such.WhatsApp Image 2023-05-05 at 19.44.07

Originally it was meant as animal food but things have changed and we can enjoy this tasty root and leaves. As I mentioned, I use the leaves as chard, they are large and regrow very well. The roots are great in curries or added to stews or even used instead of potatoes.

WhatsApp Image 2023-05-05 at 19.44.09

I have got two rows here and as soon as the little leaves appear I will throw a net over these hoops to cover the seedlings because I know from the past that the birds would strip them bare.

In between the showers I also sowed a few lines of parsnips and beetroot but then the rain got a bit too heavy even for me. 

This part of the plot is almost finished, hopefully I will be able to continue tomorrow.

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