It is all coming together. I knew from last year that Wayne got a large greenhouse and he was going to put it on one of my plots. He and his men erected the skeleton of it – it is a large one indeed, actually they are two joined in the middle so it makes a nice long greenhouse across almost the whole width of the plot. Then came the glazing of it, this is where our slight problems started. Because it was such an old greenhouse the glass was quite brittle and some of the panes broke. I didn’t want to leave it all half glazed so I tried to finish one completely and the other one as and when I get more glass. It was my friend Stevie’s idea and she even finished putting the last three panes in yesterday after I went home. I was going to do it today and all was done. I could concentrate on organising the inside. I had the two grow boxes on the bench there but it looked too heavy, the bench was leaning. I emptied them and instead of them I have five of the large black pots and will grow tomatoes there.


I had to put an edge on the bottom by the glass to protect it, piled some more soil there and this little bed will house more tomatoes and perhaps a cucumber at each end, they can climb up.

The outside is fine, I have a line of the black pots along the side with some canes ready for climbing beans. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-13 at 13.38.58 (1)

The front part of the large greenhouse will be finished tomorrow, if the weather lets me. I have got a number of large green nets from the collapsed net tunnel so I’m planning to cover it completely and secure the net to the ground with pegs. When I next get some more panes of glass I will fill the empty spaces until we are all done. But even just with the net cover the plants will get some protection. The roof here is almost done, most of one side is glazed so it doesn’t leave too much.


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