Some time ago I started sowing some of my tomato and pepper seeds. This time I wanted to try something else so rather than to use seed trays I opted for egg cartons. My thinking was that after transplanting the seedlings I would compost the cartons – I do it anyway but on this occasion I would get a bit more use out of them. So far only carlin peas and climbing peas have germinated. Today I decided to re-seed most of them into the traditional seed trays.

I have got some sweet peas growing as well – I thought I lost them because they germinated very well in the autumn, I pinched the tops to get them to grow a bit more bushy. All was well until the awful cold spell we had earlier this year. They all withered. I trimmed the dry foliage and watered it. I had some seeds left so I put them in as well and I’m very pleased to say they look quite healthy and  are growing.


Another thing that grows well are the radishes that I just scattered in the soil under the bench.


I can imagine that all my seeds will now germinate and I’ll have loads of tomato plants. Well, better too many than none at all.

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