Today was another day for maintenance, this time it was quite a lot of strenuous work. I had a plan but the usual happened – the plan grew and grew. Another grassy path beside my plot needed doing so I was ready for it. The battery for the strimmer was charged and this was the first job I did.


The next path was a bit more difficult. There is no  grass on it but wood chips and a less-than-perfect edge. The wood chip will  have to be renewed, that shouldn’t be too difficult. I will ask  my friend Wayne if he could let us have a truckload of it, we’ll store it on our communal plot and use it as we  need it. I managed to find better pieces of wood for the edge, changed it and the path is ready for another season.


The morning was lovely, the sun was shining and it felt warm, almost spring-like.

Some years ago I planted a number of sage cuttings beside my large net cage. Sage is doing really well on the allotment, all the lower branches have rooted so I had quite a wide line of it. I have decided just to take out a number of the rooted branches and plant them along the edge of the communal plot. We have a number of  fruit trees there and a few rhubarb crowns. The sage would improve the look and also serve as an edge along the path. So far they are quite small but they’ll soon grow.

Digging out the old bushes was a challenge, they had thick woody stems, deep roots but in the end I got them all out. One good thing about this job was  the heady scent.


All is cleared away and hopefully I’ll  finish the job tomorrow, it will be one more line of the large flower pots. This is too good an opportunity to miss….


I’m sure I will be able to fit at least 12 of my large ‘cannabis’ pots there so that would be ideal for some climbing beans.

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