The dry weather is holding so it was time to do a spot of maintenance. After the wet spell the grass on our paths is growing again so I decided to trim it before it became too long.


Even something as simple as cutting the grass on the path makes it look much better.

I was working on the next task yesterday and it just needed to finish it, it is all done now. It is not the best looking part of the allotment  but I need somewhere to keep bags of horse muck and a compost heap.

This little strip of land has been used for a number of different things after first clearing the original wilderness that was there. I tried to grow potatoes, runner beans and then courgettes but nothing was very successful. In the end I thought just to use it as a storage space. Some dismantled pallets in one corner and a number of sacks of horse muck. The little area that I cleared  will be made into a heated patch – heap of muck covered with a layer of soil and then a membrane. This will be to  grow squashes or a pumpkin. I have got another possible place to do this, I’m quite keen on the idea now.

I didn’t plan anything else for today but then I noticed that I didn’t sort out my line of blackberries and loganberries. In fact I didn’t prune them seriously for a couple of years. When I had a good look I noticed a number of dead branches so that had to be done today. In the end I was glad I did that, I was able to hammer in the wooden posts a bit better and weed the whole row.


The last job was very much on the spur of the moment. My latest greenhouse is nearly complete, one part of it has just a few roof panes of glass missing so it was time to put two of my grow boxes on the bench there. When I emptied them in my greenhouse at home I bagged all the soil and transported it to the allotment – all of 14 sacks. In the end I’ll have four of these beds in the greenhouses, so far I filled just two. They fit perfectly and I can imagine how it’ll look when I plant tomatoes or peppers there.


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