The weather isn’t quite sure what to do. First thing in the morning we had frost but the sun was shining. When I went to the allotment this afternoon it felt nice and warm, it was a bit slippery underfoot as all the frozen ground thawed but ideal for work. I went there yesterday for a while, just to dig two holes for  my new fruit trees, so when I got there today I just had to get two stakes and hammer them in the ground and I was ready to continue.


These two trees are a bit special, they are heritage variety from Botanica plant nursery. Both are cooking apples, one is Norfolk Dumpling and the other is Norfolk Beauty. I thought they deserve the best so I applied some Mycorrhizal (rootgrow granules), I hope they’ll grow well. 

This has completed my little orchard, I will plant  pumpkins and squashes between the trees and on the small piece of land at the front of the plot I shall grow sweetcorn.

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