I agree with the opinion that working in the garden or just being outside amongst the greenery is beneficial for us. I think that it must be many times better than medication for depression – only for a reasonably fit person though. No point slaving in the garden and damaging the body, that is not going to improve one’s mental state. However in my case this is a win-win situation. I don’t want to say that I suffer from depression but just being on the allotment like today is a tonic – and it gets a lot done.

Another lovely day dawned so I went down the farm. First did a bit of bramble cutting down – trying to help Dave to  clear a neglected plot that hasn’t been visited in months even though the rent is paid up. We’ll get there I’m sure.

Then it was to start some serious digging. The area wasn’t overgrown but just needed going over and tidying up.

Again the ground was nice and soft, quite easy to work. All the same I had a few buckets of weeds and quite a few rogue potatoes. I’m always very careful when I’m harvesting them but a few always escape.

After about 2 hours I have transformed the square of land and it can now wait for the spring to start growing again. It will be sweetcorn I think, it did very well and we love it. You can’t beat a freshly harvested cob, steamed with just a drizzle of butter….

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