When I first started on the allotment all those years ago this little area was a compost heap. I think even calling it a compost heap was kind, it was an area quite overgrown with nettles and brambles. I thought it was a waste so I started clearing it and to my surprise it was quite easy and the soil was very rich. Over the years I grew different vegetables there, from beans over squashes to potatoes and this is going to be the last, it has my new apple tree there – Lord Lambourne.

I had a couple of courgette plants there as well, they did very well but the weeds got going again during the last few weeks. It helps to have the soils quite wet, it wasn’t at all difficult to clear.


I mended the sides and spread some rich compost around the young tree. With a bit of luck I could get some fruit next year.

The rest of the morning was finishing clearing the orchard, I had a couple of patches to do but they proved quite challenging. All is done now so I can start on another part of the plot. If it doesn’t rain too much in the next few days I’ll tackle the fruit cage.

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