Last spring our small allotment community suffered a loss – our friend Irene died. Her two plots were like a little farmstead, she has got a number of apple trees, rhubarb, delicious strawberries and raspberries. Apart from that her clematis montana is always like a huge white curtain and later during the year she has a few globe artichokes which she has mainly for the benefit of the bees.

Irene has been poorly during the autumn and winter of the previous year but she didn’t loose the enthusiasm, she would have loved to get there and start growing. Alas it wasn’t to be.

Her husband Tom continues to act as our treasurer and wants to keep her plots going. Stevie and in a small part myself are doing our best to keep it tidy. I have done the rhubarb patch a few weeks ago and as it was a nice morning I decided to tackle another patch. I’m not quite sure what was there before but the weeds and couch grass were abundant.


It was quite a challenge but after a couple of hours I was happy with the result.


I think we could plant some potatoes there. But that wasn’t the end of my activities, there was another square of land, again in a similar state. As I was clearing it out I was planning what to put here. An easy decision – either a couple of courgette plants or one of my squashes, that would fill it up well.


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