It was a dull and grey day today but fortunately no wind so I was able to finish the pea netting door on the two new fruit cages.

I finished the transplanting yesterday so I just had to create the door and check if the blackcurrant cuttings I took late autumn started rooting. I’m delighted to say they did so I have got about five new blackcurrant bushes. They grow quickly so I’m sure within a few years we’ll have a great harvest.


I kept enough room for these cuttings to fit in the smaller cage so both are now full. The door is secured so all I have to do is to wait and water it from time to time. 

Doing this also helped me to create a bit of space in the original large fruit cage. I had too many currant bushes there, including two jostaberries and a white currant. I moved them to  the new net cages and it all looks much better.

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