Yesterday evening we had another delivery of wood chip from our friendly tree surgeon. Unfortunately it was too dark so the work started today in the morning. I think it was a medium-sized truck load this time and I thought it just enough to cover our future communal seating area. It was made much easier as this little plot is not too far from the gate. Even a heaped wheelbarrow of wood chip isn’t very heavy so I was able to get on with it rather fast. Very soon the heap was shrinking and around midday it was all gone. Frank came to give a hand towards the end – he had a guy in to clean our guttering, long overdue but all is well. He helped to spread the wood chip a bit more evenly and by 1pm we were both back home having our well-earned lunch.

It will stay like this, resting over the winter months and hopefully we’ll get a couple of benches there in the spring and our communal rest area will be complete.

It is a very satisfying job to do a bit of shovelling – it beats going to the gym. I was fine while I was working but once I sat down it was a bit difficult to get up and do something else. Fortunately there isn’t anything else to do right now so I can continue my other activity – blanket crocheting. I find it very difficult just sitting and doing nothing……

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