Some years ago – seven to be exact -I was given a super gardening tool for Christmas. An azada   -it looks like a cross between a hoe and a small rake. I have been using it all the time on the allotment and this year it came to its own. As I decided to adopt the ‘no-dig’ policy I use the azada instead. It slices through the soil like a knife through butter.


It looks well used and is as good as it was when I started. I wanted to sort out my last plot – there are some carrots, parsnips and leeks there but most of the ground is empty, the squashes and dwarf beans have been harvested. After working there for a number of years I’m pleased to say that it is reasonably empty of weeds. That’s why I decided to continue with the no-dig policy.


It took just about an hour and half to clear a reasonable part of the plot and the ground is lovely. Not many weeds to speak of and as little effort as possible. I think this is the way to go. I do enjoy digging but this method is much better for the soil.


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