I did a bit of research on the internet for my latest greenhouse. It is a Palram greenhouse – I have never heard of them and when I found it I was quite surprised how pricey they can be. Mine is the smallest – 4ftx6ft but all the same,it was a surprise. The site suggests to tether it as it is rather lightweight but when I looked at the tethering kit and read the reviews I knew I had to do something else. The kit is rather expensive and it sounds like it is not fit for purpose.

Never mind, in the morning I went to the nearest hardware store and got exactly what I wanted for a fraction of the price. 

After lunch I went to the allotment and, even though it was very windy during last night and today, the greenhouse was in perfect order.

Before I put all the soil in the greenhouse I have also secured the base to the ground – I had metal pegs that I was able to fix to the base. I’m delighted with the result and I’m sure it will work.

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