I know I said that having three greenhouses on my allotment was enough but when I found out that somebody wanted to move a greenhouse out of his garden because he didn’t want it I couldn’t refuse. It is quite a small one and quite unlike any other greenhouse I have ever seen. It has an aluminium frame but not with glass panes, polycarbon sheets instead. There were some complications too – this greenhouse was in Rugby.

No problem said Simon who lives next door to the site and has a couple of plots, we’ll go one day and dismantle it. I have managed to secure ‘a man with a truck’, my friend’s son Wayne. So on Saturday I went with Simon to Rugby, we dismantled the greenhouse but as I knew that I’ll take it home in a truck we kept the front and back wall intact. That was a huge help as it has got a hinged door.

The next day Wayne very kindly drove us to Rugby, we picked all the pieces and transported them to our site. I had a plastic bag for all the nuts and bolts and any special bits so it could be put together again.

Sunday after lunch myself and Frank went to the allotment and started working. I prepared the ground, put the base down and started putting the individual bars in place. It was a windy day and polycarbon sheets are very light.

Fortunately my very good friend Dave was there as well and came to our rescue. He can build any greenhouse without any instructions, it is amazing. The fact I have a lovely little greenhouse is purely thanks to him.

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