I knew it was just about time to start harvesting my potatoes. Every now and then I picked a few and they were very tasty. I don’t know the variety because this year I didn’t bother buying seed potatoes, instead of that I saved quite a few from my last year’s harvest. Also I thought that I didn’t grow enough – we didn’t last as usual to the first new ones so I planted more rows.

Well, if today’s harvest is anything to go by we shall have enough!



It was a lovely sunny day today so I started nice and early. During the morning I managed to lift the potatoes from three rows and after dinner from another three. They came out dry, not too much soil sticking to them. I had some paper sacks saved from last year and managed to fill four of them. It is a mix of white and red potatoes but as I said, all were our own from last year’s harvest. In the end I have filled four sacks, each containing 12,5 kilo. So far so good, this is only the start. There are about seven more rows. I don’t think we shall go short this year but as I hear on the radio some supermarkets find it difficult to get vegetables delivered.

Should I offer to fill the empty shelves?

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