The weather has greatly improved today and the forecast is even better for tomorrow; I decided to plant the potatoes. This year I’m just using my own, I chitted quite a lot of them. Not sure why but our potatoes are all gone, normally we manage to last from one harvest to another. Not this year, I shall have to buy some later. 

The ground was ready, I just had to get the furrows ready. One half of the job was done in the morning, then home for lunch and bake the sourdough loaf that was rising in the kitchen and after that back to the allotment to finish the job.

I’m delighted to say that all the potatoes are in the ground, I have nine rows this year. That should give me a decent harvest.

2 thoughts on “POTATOES

  1. VERY GOOD! i want to get in my garden but the soil is too wet. Been so windy lately it is hard to stay outside for too long at a time. Procrastination is not my friend at the moment. Next thing you know I will be behind. I am glad your potatoes are planted.

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  2. I think I spoke too soon, the weather did an about turn, it is decidedly chilly today. Never mind, I have a patch of ground that needs digging – a rescue project, that’ll keep me warm! And three greenhouses to sort out – I’m happy. Keep well!


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