I have finally managed to tidy my big greenhouse in the back garden. It was very full – there was a reason for it. When the lockdown started I was afraid that I might not be able to go to the allotment and decided to grow extra plants in the big greenhouse here. In the end I had loads of aubergines and cucumbers – I’m not complaining!

The time came now to sort it out. I did all that and have got two large grow beds on each bench inside. On one side I have lettuce seedlings and on the other are onions. I had some onion seedlings already, they are spaced in one of the beds and in the other are newly sown onion seeds. It will be interesting what will happen.

The next job was to take cuttings. I have got a large loquat tree that I managed to grow from seed. I found out how to take cutting so I had a go. I can’t even hope to have any fruit from it in our climate but it is such a handsome tree I’d like some more.


After that there was one more job – some fig cuttings. That was quite easy, I have done it before. Let us hope for the best.20201008_121721

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