After the few days of extreme weather I was able to get down to the farm and continue with my digging. My plots are done but this is one which I share with my friend Irene. I managed to do my half but as I really like digging I decided to continue. I was growing vegetables on my half last year already but the other half was left neglected – there was somebody else on it but she didn’t work it. Never mid, we shall soon sort it out.

It is a question of perseverance, as it goes from something like this


to this, after a few hours. Amazing how weeds and couch grass grow!


I hope the weather will continue to improve and I’ll be able to finish my marathon dig.

Who needs to go to the gym when you can be in fresh air?


One thought on “GETTING THERE

  1. Jsi hvězda, Heleno! I hope I can still dig when I’m seventy.
    Lovely day in Prague today, almost like spring. Managed to pull out my old nasturtiums and clear the garden of sticks fallen from our big vrba.


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