…is here again.

I tend to do my planting back to front but it always works out. This occasion is no different.

Last Sunday afternoon I listened to one of my favourite programmes – Gardeners’ question time on Radio 4 and among other topics they were talking about apple trees. Well, you can’t have too many so I decided to pay attention. It was worth it. I’ve never heard of an apple called Keswick codlin; that didn’t stop me, found it and liked the sound of it. Even found a nursery, decided on the size and shape of the tree and ordered.

The nursery was a new one to me – Ashridge nurseries – and I am delighted with the service. They had my apple in stock, the size I wanted and no sooner did I order it then it came perfectly wrapped.

Then came the thought – where shall I plant it? I decided that I had enough trees on the allotment already so I started thinking of the best place in my back garden. And I found it. I had an almost empty raised bed beside the greenhouse, in a sunny spot and well sheltered by the fence. The soil there is good but I still added some organic matter and Fish, blood and bone meal, just to give it the very best start and all was ready.

All’s well that ends well, my latest tree is already in its position, hazel pole in situ,  carefully tied using soft ties (old cut up socks – you can’t beat them for softness and stretchiness).



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