I have been thinking on these lines for quite a while.

Wouldn’t it be great if all the knowledge all over the world was used only for good? No harm in thinking that, I’m sure I am not the only one to think like that. I suppose because I’m coming close to a reasonably significant birthday, my thoughts are turning to this.

There’s a huge amount of knowledge and the whole world would benefit if we didn’t waste it on thinking how to harm the people who don’t agree with us/who belong to a different religious group/of different colour – here we can substitute whatever might be relevant.

It might be viewed as simplistic – there is nothing wrong with that – the same would apply to our food and how we provide it. Again I have this vision that whoever would want to, or be able to, could grow at least some of their vegetables. Nothing much is needed – it can be done in a few pots in the back garden or on a balcony. Amazing how much you could produce and it would surprise the non-gardeners how delicious it is.

That is  my other dream – all possible empty land would be cultivated and people would grow their own. It was actually proven that children eat vegetables that they grew themselves even if before they ‘didn’t like them’.

I know allotmenting is mainly for the retired – who would have the time or the inclination to spend every free moment digging and planting. But, as I said before, it can be done on a very small scale and whatever you’ll harvest, it’ll taste good. And you’ll know that it hasn’t been sprayed with some chemicals or some such.

Last but not least – after a day of digging and hard graft in the garden or on the allotment nobody would have much strength left to cause much trouble. One more benefit – from personal experience, whenever I had any worries or anxieties, it all sorted itself out after a tiring digging session. I don’t have to think about the digging so my mind is usually free to roam and sort itself out.

Years ago I received a card which says it all :


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