…was devoted to repairs.

After the heavy snowfall just before Christmas I found that a number of my net cages looked in sorry state. I didn’t have the heart to take pictures as I was quite sad about it all. I didn’t think I would be able to repair them.

Amazing what a difference a few days can make. On closer inspections I found that the basic structure was sound, the net collapsed because the horizontal struts ware weak. Thanks to Simon who gave me some long pieces of hard wood I was able to replace the faulty ones, stretch the nets and fix them  – thank goodness for zip ties – and all seems fine.

In fact they look even better now!

Final touch is a path of broken slabs down the middle of the wide ones, just to make it easier to walk there on a wet day. For that I must thank Frank who took the first wheelbarrow load there today and will do one trip each day untill we take them all there – his words. I daren’t think how many there are !!

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