I have got a few fruit trees on the allotment, mainly apple trees but also a couple of pear trees. The pear tree was a few years ago a poorly specimen, it was on an overgrown and neglected plot. I just had to rescue it. I moved it on autumn to my plot where I have the plum tree and a small Bramley. First of all it didn’t do much – it survived the move. The next year it didn’t even flower. But this year, all of a sudden, it started growing and it also flowered. Because of where it is I didn’t really keep an eye on it but when I thought I should check if there is some fruit, I was in for a surprise!


I’m sure it is a conference pear; they’re very tasty, crisp and sweet, as they should be.

One of my apple trees is a James Grieve, I bought it again a number of years ago. Even though it is classed as a cooking apple, it is very nice to eat fresh. Crisp, very juicy. This is the first year I have got a good harvest.

The trees are paying back in kind – yummy fruit. There are a few more trees on my plot, later varieties.

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