I don’t usually force my rhubarb – the truth is I forget and when I remember it is too late. This year is better – I have covered six crowns with an assortment of buckets and tubs just before I went to Malta.

It worked! When I went to check it, I picked a large bag of tender pink sticks of rhubarb.


It must be quite early, I didn’t see any in the supermarket. It’ll be there, I’m sure but at a price. Because I was going to bottle it, I had to weigh it – 950 g!

I’ve got my favourite recipe, used it last year and realised that should have made many more jars. It is quite delicious. I made just a few changes – I don’t just squeeze the oranges, I peel them and cut the segments. I feel that gives much more to the overall taste. I have three Kilner jars out of this little harvest, with many more to come.


Delicious with creme fraiche, on its own, ice cream….possibilities are endless.

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