I decided to enlarge my raspberry patch on the latest plot. The ground there was very neglected, this is my third winter there and I can honestly say that I’m happy with it. The first year I only cultivated a part of it and covered the rest with membrane – it would have been too much work to try and clear it all. I put pumpkins and squashes there and they did well.

Before I managed to harvest the lot, all the roots of the bindweed sprouted, the nettles too and it was back to the drawing board.

Never mind, it got cleared again. Now I’m sharing it with another lady there so I only work one half of it. It had potatoes this year and they did well.

It got dug over yet again in the autumn and I think I’m home and dry.

There is a small raspberry patch at the start and they did so well that I decided to get some more.

Today I planted 6 canes of Raspberry Valentina and 6 canes of Autumn Treasure. Ordered all of them from Thompson&Morgan, they are reliable and so far didn’t let me down.

I think I have finished the work there for this year; anyway it is far too wet to do anything, I’d do more harm than good.

Here’s to happy gardening in 2017!!


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