My friend Eva will leave our allotments next year, she will be returning with her husband to her home in Hungary. I know she’s looking forward to it but I shall miss her. She very kindly offered me her strawberry plants.

Today was the day for the move. The bed was ready, I heaped loads of very rich compost on it some time ago and yesterday just hoed it and got it ready for planting.


After that it was just a question of moving the plants from Eva’s plot and planting them in the new bed.

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They will have the whole winter to settle in and in the spring and summer – watch this space!

Thank you very much Eva.

2 thoughts on “NEW STRAWBERRIES

  1. I am very grateful to you Helena, that you take care of my beloved strawberry plants which I have smuggled over the border in my suitcase last year from Hungary to England (hopefully no custom officer is reading your post). I leave them in the best hands with you.


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