As ever I grew something new – for me at least – this year. It was cape gooseberry. I knew this fruit but never got the seeds to grow them. Today I picked the first few ripe ones and I must say that I’ll certainly grow them again. I’ve already allocated the space for them for next year.


The next little surprise was sweetcorn. I grew about 10 plants and harvested them already. But as mine were growing tall I found some small plants suddenly coming up in a little group – thanks to our resident squirrel I had extra sweetcorn plants. He hid his stolen cobs but forgot where he put them! Thanks to the mild weather I managed to get very tasty cobs – these are the last ones. I steam them and because they’re so young I can eat the whole lot. Very tasty indeed.


And this is, I think, the last of my raspberry harvests – if the weather stays like this I might get a few more late raspberries – very sweet, yummy indeed.


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