It is all go on the allotment, just as well the weather is good and I can get the harvest in. It sounds like I’ve got a farm but, in truth, I might just as well have a farm the amount of veg I’m harvesting.So far I’ve got four full sacks of potatoes in the shed – but that’s not the end of potato harvest, there are some rows of Red rooster to get out of the ground.

Today was the turn of squashes…

..and parsnips. I know it is too soon to start pulling them out but as the tops looked huge I wanted to see if the root was anything like the tops. I was rather pleased. I had a slow start with them, they didn’t germinate well so I had to transplant the few that were all bunched together. That worked so well that I think I’ll do just that in the future. 002

Roast parsnip soup anyone?

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