I’m rather pleased with myself that I wasn’t in too much of a hurry to start my courgettes, squashes and beans in the greenhouse. Hailstones a few days ago, arctic wind now, the gardens and allotments don’t know what hit them!

Another good idea was to keep my kaffir lime in the greenhouse after the winter, it has got flowers and I live in hope that we might have some fruit. Even if I don’t get any fruit the leaves are very useful.

One thought on “ENGLISH WEATHER

  1. Hi Helen
    I have finally located your excellent blog.
    As you know I have a much smaller scale operation than yours and am reliant, for plant production, on a small greenhouse, even smaller plastic greenhouse and mini polytunnel. It does seem like everything is holding back because of the weather – e..g the tomatoes are hardly moving at all. However this afternoon felt good so maybe it is finally changing.
    Meanwhile the daffs, magnolia and camellia have been great and now the tulips are in full blast. The laburnum is going to be good this year even though it was very disappointing last year. Why does that happen??


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