I got myself a polytunnel soon after I started working on the allotment. At first all was well – the only snag was the watering; if I went away for a few days I had to ask some friendly gardener there to water the plants otherwise they would’ve perished.

After three years the plastic material started deteriorating, little holes appeared, the door couldn’t be closed because the zip broke – the list of problems was getting longer. However, the metal frame was perfectly sound, so the next step was quite obvious – never mind a new plastic cover, make it into a net tunnel.

And that is exactly what Mike and myself did last Sunday.

From this

after a few hours of fairly hard work to this…

I am delighted with it, it is all ready for planting brassicas – cabbages, kale, kohl rabi – I’m sure I’ll be able to fit quite a few plants in. And from now on I have got enough net cages to rotate my crops – no need to move anything, just remember what was where and change.

Bring it on!

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