A few days ago I very carefully pulled out one tuber from under my yacon plant in the garden. The other two are on the allotment and I was just trying to find out if I shall have any at all.

Yesterday was harvest day and the yucon in the garden was uprooted and examined.

I’m delighted with the result. After cleaning the tubers they weighed just over 1 kilo. What is even better, the plant had a good number of the small round growing ‘bits’ with a little bud on them. Next year’s harvest is assured.

Now I just have to see how much I manage to get from under the plants on the allotment.

The next challenge was to find a recipe. The first time I just sliced it and used it in a salad. As I had much more this time I wanted a recipe for cooked yacon. And I found it. Made it today for lunch – Thai chicken curry with yacon. I didn’t use the chicken but put in veggie sausages and it was delicious. I even had the Kaffir lime leaves to add to it as I treated myself to a Kaffir lime earlier in the summer; it is in the greenhouse now ready to overwinter. Fingers crossed!


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