I’ve been digging my main crop potatoes, every day a few rows. I planted Red Rooster and even though they are a bit dearer to buy as seed potatoes they are well worth it.

I was able to do the same with the main crop potatoes as I did with the second earlies – I planted them well apart and it worked. I think this year is the first time I harvested large potatoes; that is particularly good in the case of Roosters, they make excellent baking potatoes.

So far I’ve got one large sack of them in my shed and there are many more in the ground.

There might be a shortage of good spuds, you never know……

2 thoughts on “HARVEST TIME

  1. I wonder, wether there is any other language in which “dear” means exactly the same as in English and in Hungarian: “Oh dear, potatoes are so dear this year!” And in Hungarian: “Oh drága, a krumpli az idén olyan drága!”


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