I always think that my courgettes aren’t going to do anything and they always prove me wrong. This year is no different.

The only change is the varieties I grow – yellow as before but very pale green ones I haven’t tried. I made a casserole with the green, yellow and pale ones today and it was delicious. It didn’t look very exciting but the taste was exceptional.

I use my favourite book of recipes, my son Mike gave it to me the first year I ever grew courgettes and I think he was concerned that I didn’t have enough recipes. No need to worry now!

002Not only do the courgettes grow well, I am very pleased to have grown my first perfect cauliflower ! Cabbage and calabrese is not in the same class but I’m happy all the same.

It certainly was worth going to the farm and getting a car load of sacks filled with horse manure!

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